Approximately Navy Knowledge Online (NKO)

If you suffer from difficulties accessing NKO, you should contact any command for assistance. However, please note that NKO may be offline certain intervals as security updates continue. Currently NKO takes a CAC card (see links below) just for logging in. This is due to the heighten security on the internet. Again, your chain of command should be prepared to assist you or provide guidance. 

Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) is mostly a portal used by active duty, reserve and retired enlisted and officers of the u . s Navy. NKO provides information and resources that include career management, personal development, leadership, learning, references and better. 

Much of these resources can be intended for personal and professional development. For example the Navy e-learning provides modules related to the career and courses which they can use if you retire or get out. The Information Technology (IT) courses are certainly one of the education you can use in several positioning including home, work and play. 

Allowing Navy retired personnel permission to access Navy Knowledge Online is one smart strategy the uses to take advantage of a large pool of knowledge available to make sure you current active duty and reserve personnel. Just by keeping the channels open between retired, established duty and reserve, the communications pipeline is open and knowledge is shared. 

Sharing knowledge is regularly done through the Navy Knowledge Online forums. One interesting way of sharing information is on the Community of Practice (COP) technique. COP allows people to share best treatments, advice and expertise in organizational, functional and operational knowledge within the specific interest group. The focus is relating to continuous learning, mutual exchange and collaboration. 

Navy Knowledge Online is one tool recruited leaders should use and encourage others to try. When supervisors have a new check-in, they should confirm if they have an account with Navy blue Knowledge Online. This is a good tactic to assist new members with personal and high quality growth. 

Any more information relate to NKO, please verify NKO navy advancement center or NKO navy mil portal home.

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